Your Pet Roborovski

You’ve fallen in love with those eyebrows, you have been charmed by their clownish behaviour and you’ve brought home your first pet ‘robo’. Congratulations, you are now hopelessly addicted to hamsters!

Your ‘robo’ is quite small at around 2 inches if they are young. Captive bred robos grow bigger than those in the wild and yours may reach 3 inches. Weights range from 20g to 50g depending on the genes your robo carries. They can be prone to obesity so watch for hair loss underneath which, in a younger hamster, can be a sign it needs to lose weight (it’s dragging on the floor too much).

Living on average 2-3 years in captivity, you should be able to enjoy your hamster for while.

Note that your hamster will not prefer to live with another robo for all of it’s life and almost all siblings fall out at at some point. You can still purchase them in pairs but you will need to provide for the possibility of having two separate cages. Rescues and pet shops are often handed back the victim or bully in this scenario so do think hard before you adopt or buy two together.

For more information on five freedoms, behaviour, your cage set up, diet and health please see the following pages

Behaviour and Handling
Your Pet’s New Home – including the five freedoms
Diet and Feeding

If you would like to know more about breeding, showing, varieties or roborovski available for new homes please see:-


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