Please see all the varieties that are either standard or that I breed here, described below. Currently agouti is the only standardised variety of Roborovski. I also breed husky, pied, blue, cinnamon (red eyed) and black eyed white. The last three have not yet been recognised by the National Hamster Council

A word on recessive genes in Roborovski. Whilst it has been claimed that carried genes affect the colour (phenotype) of the Roborovski, this cannot be the case. If an agouti Robo carries one copy of the recessive husky gene it is not a different colour to another agouti hamster that is not carrying the gene. Any recessive genes require two copies to be present in order to be visible. If it were not the case then recessives would pose no issue to breeders of any species because you would be able to tell what your animal is or is not carrying. Sadly, it’s not that easy. I’ve had agouti robos be both pale and dark and it’s not linked at all to the carried genes, it’s a matter of colour quality. In any variety there is a range of possible colour quality and an ideal ‘standard’.


Husky – Recessive

Pied – Recessive



Black Eyed White