On Spanners And All That

Just as things were getting going my hamster go and get old! Sadly I’ve now lost Boffo and Atlanta’s line as Nebbiolo refused to breed and is now too old to risk it. As she never looked pregnant I highly doubt she’d take anyway. Grenouille is on the edge and is going for her last try, with anybody at this point! Both fantastic looking girls and the result of a lot of hard work.
I’ve got a lot of them getting nearer to that dreaded cut off point. So I’m starting to breed almost round the clock to make sure they ‘take’ and I don’t lose the effort of several generations.
The Roborovski are just as bad with my agouti line now gone with Evie and my pieds gone with George and Ursula. I’ve had to bring in some youngsters but these now carry husky too so I’ll have to be careful.
The Chinese are following suit with the loss of Astere, Arty and nothing here from Jock thats breedable anymore. No more Not or Wullie either.
The Pallids time here has been short lived with Nut now being too old and them having to be split for fighting. She does look good now though!

However there is some good news. Wigley’s coming up for breeding (in the Syrian queue!) and I do have plenty of husky Robos¬†here. Bardane the Chinese lives on in Luzerne, Safran and Frenee who gave me two boys as it turns out. I’ve got a little white boy here and Froggy from Vectis has two girlfriends lined up. Jock’s son Oats has been busy and his son James looks amazing.

I embark upon new lines in Chocolate and establishing my Ivories/black eyed whites in Syrians. I now start to roll up my sleeves for the blues as well. The blacks are not gone by a long shot as I bred so many lines so I have options there. Just not the ones I wanted. I’m hopeful, in time, that I can put that back on track.

I have some normal winter whites here that I’m going to pair up from tomorrow too.

Surely things will start to look up…..

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