Latest litter and some frustration

My latest litter are now 12 days old and starting to venture out of the nest. With any hamster species, babies should remain undisturbed until 14 days old as mums are quick to cull their litters if they aren’t happy with your presence. Even tame mums can do this.

Eager to see what Atlanta had given me, I raised the nest roof to find…..three babies. Whilst this is certainly better than no babies, three is a little frustrating. Contrary to wild myths and rumours, it’s quite hard to get Syrians to breed and they don’t often give you large litters. As a show breeder, it’s nice to have more of a range of choice.

Still, three is three and better than two :p All short haired goldens, the aim of this mating was to put a generation between the dark grey that Atlanta carries and the black that her babies will carry. Grey and black are not good to mix together if plain self black is what you are aiming for. But Atlanta has a pedigree background that is mostly unrelated to the other hamsters I have here so adding in her, and Boffo (dad) bloodlines is important.

Babies look chunky, one looks particularly dark but will keep an eye on how they grow. I can start handling them as soon as their eyes open which I am looking forward to.

For now, chicken baby food for mum and youngsters and then porridge tonight. Diced cucumber offered regularly at this age too.

Boffat Litter 28-05-15 - Day 11 a Boffat Litter 28-05-15 - Day 11 b Boffat Litter 28-05-15 - Day 11 c

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