Goodness me, good things come to those with an awful lot of patience! I know I bang on about it but being ‘ethical’ comes with its own painful niggles. With Chinese hamsters, the biggest pain is the systematic screening of the hamsters to try to breed away from diabetes.
In addition, the process of pairing up without the relative ease of colony breeding whilst retaining a higher minimum age for breeding (4 months) makes everything slower and riskier. You swap the risk of overly inbreeding with the risk of physical injury as males and females can fight spectacularly during their time together often needing to be split up after just a few days to prevent fatal injury.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why this litter is so precious. It’s been 2 years and 2 months since my last Chinese hamster litter and grandad to these pups passed away just a month before they were born. Although I’d love to breed some black eyed whites, I’m just happy to have any pups at all at this point!

Without further ado, let me introduce the Frenwins. Of course, irony dictates Frenee only gives me two babies so I can give one to the owner of dad, Winford, and keep one. But Chinese are not in short supply right now so I suspect the vast majority of my waiting list has been able to find a ham by now. I’m just happy to benefit from some breeding success of my own.

One normal boy, and one dom spot girl with their eyes just opening at 12 days old. I’m unbelievably proud of these two!

Frenwin Litter - 06-06-16 - Day 12 a

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