Adventures Into the World of Gerbils

I’ve seen way too many rescue Mongolian Gerbils to get terribly excited about them as a breeding prospect. Although I do love the siamese and burmese gerbils, when you have been faced with so many that don’t find homes then it’s a lot harder to justify breeding them. Even with the best ethics at heart.


I visited the gerbil section of the recent Premier Small Animal Show in Harrogate and spoke to the lovely Jackie who was in charge. There I saw some jirds, and some pallid gerbils. I was a little taken with them.

I inquired about and asked lots of questions. Sadly I realised, and I had been suspicious, that jirds require a lot of space. More than I can give with the hamsters taking up all the room. Pallid, or Egyptian gerbils on the other hand were smaller.

I found these two not far from me, looking for a new home and was told they are a mixed pair. A bit sooner than perhaps I was thinking of breeding them but apparently they are seasonal in this behaviour so I should expect not to be over run.

LE Gerbils 1

They now have more bedding/nesting material, tubes, food and a sand bath as they tend to look a bit greasy.

I’m hoping to continue to blog about them as I go through learning the ropes of gerbil showing!

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