**Please note that Doric Hamstery is closing for the foreseeable future as long covid has made this hobby unsustainable. I now know this will likely be a very long term condition and after nearly 18 months of temporarily running the hamstery with the help of family, I’ve made the decision to close. The website will continue to move over from the old hosting and remain up for information and there is a small chance that breeding might happen in the future, if I become well enough.

Doric Hamstery has been my prefix since 2013. I’ve been breeding as a member of the hamster fancy and have been exhibiting since 2012. This means I am a hobby breeder rather than a breeder of pets but do often have pups for sale to pet homes. I prefer to rehome directly rather than via a pet shop so that I can vet homes myself.

From 2011 to 2015 I ran Scritches Rat and Rodent Rescue with a team of trustees and so I consider myself firmly in the middle ground between rescue and breeding. I hope to share my experiences to educate those who may think ‘all breeders are bad’ or not understand why I do what I do.


Roborovski hamsters have been a part of my life since I saw my first hamster in 2011. Since then I’ve gone on to own, breed and exhibit these wonderful creatures and been fascinated by their different varieties.

For a few years I also bred and exhibited both Syrian and Chinese hamsters and I still judge Syrian hamsters which are the more commonly available pet. I have experience breeding and showing fancy mice and, briefly, gerbils.

My hamsters are first and foremost my pets. They share my house with my two dogs and other pet rodents.

Blue and Agouti Roborovski pups aged 12 days
Normal Chinese pups aged 5 weeks old
The Engineers Syrian hamster litter aged 3 weeks
Siamese fancy mouse litter aged 4 weeks

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